30 August 2006

Roaring Jack Fans' Anniversary Jam

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Roaring Jack's formation, a group of committed fans is holding a jam/party/barbecue in Sydney on Saturday, 2 September 2006.

Paul Craven, Mark Hyland and Darren Whitaker have spearheaded this event, to take place at Paul's house (17 Union Street, Tempe) from 12pm on Saturday. Fans of Roaring Jack and of the solo works of Alistair and Steph are welcome to attend. Bring your own food, booze, musical instruments and singing/shouting/screaming voice!


Blogger alistairhulett blogspot said...

Wish I could be there myself on Saturday Arvo, but time and distance don't permit. Anyway have yersels a great old time, and I look forward to meeting up with you all next year when myself and Swarb tour Oz in March and April.
Orra best,
Alistair Hulett
PS 'Umble apologies for not getting the online songbook at www.alistairhulett.com
up and going in time for the anniversary ceilidh, folks. John the Web has been laid low these past two weeks with a foul affliction of the chest, and can't be roused or arsed. It will be going soon though for sure.

9:03 PM  

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