28 December 2008

Roaring Jack Anniversary Jam

It's on again!

The third annual Roaring Jack Anniversary Jam takes place this Saturday, 3 January 2009. Our venue this time is the Golden Barley Hotel in Enmore (Sydney, Australia). All Roaring Jack fans past and present - and their kids - are welcome to attend. Just bring your instruments and your vocal cords and we'll try to recreate some of those classic Roaring Jack tunes.

This of course is the 2008 edition of the jam, slightly late. We postponed it by a few months so that it would coincide with the current Australian tour by Alistair Hulett, Roaring Jack's principal singer-songwriter. Alistair is hoping to make it to the jam later in the afternoon, and will probably laugh uproariously as we take apart his songs.

Don't forget Alistair's final show of his current Australian tour takes place on Sunday evening, 4 January 2009 at the Harp Hotel in Tempe, Sydney.


Blogger TaylorC said...

is this an afternoon or evening gig ?
Please, what time does it start ?
and what time does it finish ?

11:58 PM  
Blogger andycarr said...

Sorry Taylor!

It's from 1pm to about 6pm ...


10:53 PM  
Blogger TaylorC said...

It was a good afternoon, and extension into evening.
People seemed to be having a good time, and I caught up with a few I had not seen for a while,
thus thankyou for giving the time to publicise this event.
Hopefully there can be another similar at a suitable time in the future !

11:36 PM  
Blogger Maximiliano Merege said...

Review about ROARING JACK in a Brasilian website:

Leave your comments!


12:20 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

How do I get hold of a cd? I tried the Roaring Jack webpage but have had no reply.


9:44 AM  

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