17 August 2009

Alistair Hulett in Australia

Alistair Hulett is spending the next few months in Australia. It's a mixture of business and pleasure, and fortunately for us there will be some gigs. The first is at the Harp Hotel in Tempe, Sydney on Saturday 29 August.

Alistair will also play at the Majors Creek Folk Festival, Folk in the Foothills (out Jamberoo way), and three shows in Melbourne.

Further details about these performances, and about others that may arise during Alistair's visit, will appear on his gig page at http://www.alistairhulett.com/gigs.htm.

Look out for Alistair's farewell shows in early December, when he teams up with Sydney band Wheelers and Dealers. Both acts will do their own sets before getting together for a set of mostly Malkies songs. Should be a hoot!


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