13 February 2010

The First Sydney Tribute to Alistair Hulett

Socialist Alternative is staging a memorial event for Alistair Hulett on Sunday 14 February 2010.

The memorial takes place at the Gaelic Club, 64 Devonshire Street, Sydney, between 3pm and 6pm.

It will be an opportunity for people to catch up and to share their memories of Alistair. Speakers include Tim Anderson (the activist for whom Roaring Jack's 'Framed' was written) and representatives from the Cockatoo Island Shop Committee, the Free Bougainville Campaign and the Maritime Union of Australia.

There will be live music, and an open mike for anyone who feels the need to celebrate Alistair's life through words or song.


Blogger andycarr said...

There's a good report on this event at http://www.sa.org.au/culture-and-reviews/2595-memorial-for-alistair-hulett-held-in-sydney . Cheers!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Onesimus said...

I've only just heard about Alistair's death.
I regularly drove from Wollongong to Newtown in the early 90s to hear Roaring Jack live and a day rarely passed without me playing one of their albums. I was At Uni at the time studying Creative Writing as a "mature aged" student and I interviewed Alistair for one of my assignments. I know I overstayed my welcome at his house after the interview - but he made the mistake of giving me a pre-release listen to Dance of the Underclass (not to mention a large glass of scotch).

The last time I saw Alistair and Roaring Jack was at a new year's eve performance at the Harold Park Hotel. It may have been the first time they played again after Steph Miller left the group (I was also at Steph's last performance with the band).

3:20 PM  

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