01 February 2010

Tributes to Alistair

Since Alistair's passing, numerous friends, fans and comrades have shared their memories of Alistair. The many touching tributes include the following:

Robin Denselow (The Guardian), 'Alistair Hulett Obituary'

Bruce Elder (Sydney Morning Herald), 'A Musician of Talent and Conviction'

Duroyan Fertl, 'Vale - Alistair Hulett'

Diane Fieldes, 'Alistair Hulett - Comrade and Friend'

John Kilbride, 'Glasgow Folk Musician Alistair Hulett Remembered'

Chris Mair, 'Alistair Hulett'

Dave Riley, 'Socialist Alliance Tribute to Alistair Hulett'

Jimmy Ross, 'Alistair Hulett, 1951-2010: Musician, Activist, Socialist'

David Rovics, 'In Memory of Alistair Hulett: Scottish Singer and Socialist'

Will Swan, 'In Memory of Alistair Hulett'

John Tognolini, 'Vale Alistair Hulett'

Legendary activist Tim Anderson has set up a Tribute to Alistair Hulett on Facebook, and this is a tremendous source of funny and touching memories of Alistair.

I will update this entry as more tributes come to light.


Blogger Unknown said...

People might be interested to know that radio national are playing a tribute Al tonight at 7pm http://www.abc.net.au/rn/musicdeli/stories/2010/2807894.htm

1:42 PM  
Blogger andycarr said...

Thanks Stephen! There's another Radio National special at http://www.abc. net.au/rn/ musicshow/ stories/2010/ 2811675.htm . Both shows will be available for streaming for the next six weeks.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Pip Wilson said...

Thanx, mate, for your site. Thanx to Tim A. for the facebook tribute page. Most of all, thanx to Alistair. When I simmer, Alistair Hulett brings me to the boil. I've been listening to him all day, for two days, and inspiration invigorates me. Sweet repose, Scottish bloke. We only met once or twice, but I won't forget your passion.

3:14 AM  
Blogger me said...

I carry great memories of Sat arvos at the Sandringham at Newtown or the 3 weeds watching Roaring Jack. Alistair you are very much missed. My entire 80's were just that listening to you speak and sing, fabulous days. Deb P

9:11 AM  

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